Aamer Barakat

Aamer Barakat the Technical Director & SEO optimizer of Your Rus Inc website team, currently living in Syria, Lattakia.

Design engineer web developer, SEO optimizer and software Solution.


Aamer barakat Work Experience

YouSolid Office

Jan 2008 – Dec 2012
Web Developer & SEO Optimizer
I built a small web design office, and I designed some websites.

Web design.
SEO Optimizing.



View Office
Jan 2019 – Now!
Web Developer & SEO Optimizer
I built a web design office (VIEW), I am working now designing sites in wordpress and SEO Optimizing.

Web design.
SEO Optimizing.
Simple Android applications

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My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in travel and photo

Aamer Barakat best sayings

He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past. But the past, which is by its nature reconsiderable, has never changed. What is true today was true from eternity and will remain so forever. The matter is very simple, all that is required is an endless series of victories over your memory, “the acquisition of the truth.”
George Uriel 1984
Between the past, the present and the future there is only an illusion in the thinking of the human mind..if you notice that – the sad times we feel are long while the happy days pass like the minute – this is relativity.
Aamer Barakat and Albert Einstein

We still have years and years to face the challenge of the smart mission to develop better approximate methods so that we can make useful predictions of potential outcomes in complex and realistic circumstances, and the comprehensive unified theory is only a first step, so our goal is to fully understand the events around us and understand our existence itself.
Stephen Hawking: Stephen Hawking

Who searches for a good, smart, and beautiful woman is looking for three women.
Oscar Wilde

Everything you can imagine is real to you.
Pablo Picasso

A gloved cat does not catch mice.
Benjamin Franklin

Do not stay in the past, do not dream of the future, but direct your mind towards the now.

When love signals you, follow him, even if his paths are bumpy and thorny.

All your dreams will be achieved if you have the courage to hunt.
Walt Disney

Infinity is very long, especially towards the end.
Woody Allen

No night is enough for us to dream twice
Mahmoud Darwish

Following tradition does not mean that the dead are alive, but that the living are dead.
Ibn Khaldun

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Aamer Barakat