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Anapa (Russian: Ана́па, Adyghe: Быгъуркъал) is a town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea near the Sea of Azov. Population: 88,879 (2020 census), 58,990 (2010 Census) 53,493 (2002 Census) 54,796 (1989 Census).visit anapa

Tourism.visit anapa

The town boasts a number of sanatoria and hotels. Anapa, Sochi, and several other cities along the Russian coast of the Black Sea have enjoyed a substantial increase in popularity among Russians since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which left traditional Soviet resort cities in Georgia and Ukraine. Anapa is served by the Anapa Airport.

Anapa, like the other Black Sea coast resorts, has a superb sunny summer climate. Anapa has beautiful, mostly sandy beaches. However, Anapa seldom attracts tourists from outside Russia due to its modest infrastructure and its inconvenient accessibility from Europe via Moscow or Krasnodar. Anapa remains an attractive option for Russians who prefer the inexpensive Russian resort to other destinations.

Anapa has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) with mediterranean (Csa) influences at the lower elevations.[13] Compared to cities further south along the coast like Novorossiysk and Sochi, Anapa receives considerably less rainfall but has somewhat colder winters.

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The area around Anapa was settled in antiquity. It was originally a major seaport (Sinda) and then the capital of Sindica. The colony of Gorgippia (Greek: Γοργιππία) was built on the site of Sinda in the 6th century BCE by Pontic Greeks, who named it after a king of the Cimmerian Bosporus. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries BCE, Gorgippia flourished as part of the Bosporan Kingdom, as did its guild of shipowners, which controlled maritime trade in the eastern part of the Black Sea. A fine statue of Neokles (a local potentate, son of Herodoros) was unearthed by Russian archaeologists and is now on exhibit at the Russian Museum. Gorgippia was inhabited until the 3rd century CE, when it was overrun by neighbouring native tribes. These tribes, of Circassian or Adyghe origin (specifically of the Natkhuay tribe[citation needed]), gave Anapa its modern name. visit anapa

Culture.visit anapa 

The Town Theater of Anapa is located on Krymskaya Street. It was opened after the reconstruction of the Town Cultural Center.[17] There are twenty nine public libraries including four for children. In 2010 the libraries of Anapa received more than 8,000 books, and magazines and newspapers were ordered costing more than 1,000,000 roubles, in addition, nine hundred CDs were purchased.

There is museum of Local History (Краеведческий музей) on Protapova Street

Architecture and sights for information  visit anapa

The Gorgippia Archeological museum[20]

Gates of Turkish fortress[21]

Church of St. Onuphrius[22]


Wildlife preserve of Bolshoy Utrish south of Sukko[

Activities carried out in the town

Kinoshock film festival[32]

Blue-eyed Anapa song Festival visit anapa

Russian coast guard academy

Twin towns and sister cities

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Anapa is twinned with:


russia anapa

Belarus Gomel, Belarus[33]visit anapa

Russia Novy Urengoy, Russia[34]

Greece Larissa, Greece


Why Visit?

Maybe a place that is not at the top of most kiters visit lists, Russia has some amazing kiteboarding gems.  Russia is a huge country with a vast border and different seas so for this guide we will spotlight Anapa.  Blagoveshenskaya or Blaga for short is the most famous of kite spots in Russia and is situated on the Black Sea.  It works with thermal winds, so the popular times are from May – September.  It is very popular with Russians and other Eastern European kiteboarders, many of whom set up camps in the dunes for the whole summer.  The wind blows across a 300m wide spit of land giving flat butter conditions for kiteboarding on whichever side you choose depending on the wind direction.  One highlight is a kite park featuring 4/5 sliders that are free standing in the water during the summer months.visit anapa

Wind and Weather

Thermal winds from May – September are the best months.  There is wind outside of these times, but it is from weather fronts so much less reliable.  During the summer expect hot winds that get stronger throughout the day and die off at sunset.  In general, the winds are lightish so pack your bigger kites.  Expect average days to blow around 15-20 knots.  Windier days you will need your small kites, but they are less likely.visit anapa

Food and Drink

The food here is very traditional, and most local people don’t speak English so ordering can sometimes be tricky if you’re not with a Russian speaking person.  Pointing and gesturing will get you quite far in the local town as there is plenty of vendors and restaurants cooking fast food though, and there are quite a lot of kiteboarders at the spot speaking broken English so help usually is available.visit anapa

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