Getting A Russian Visa In Libya?

When a citizen of Libya plans to visit Russia for any reason, they are supposed to obtain an essential document: a visa to Russia. A Russian visa is a prerequisite for all types of trips, whether business or travel. The process of obtaining a visa includes certain steps and requirements to be fulfilled.

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  • First of which is to get Russian visa support from your receiving side in Russia. The visa invitation letter is a prerequisite for all types of visas in Russia.
  • Once this document is arranged, you can fill the visa application form at the Russian Consulate.
  • Pay the consulate fee there and submit all the other required documents with it.

citizen of Libya

How To Get Russian Visa Invitation In Libya?-citizen of Libya

This document is an official visa invitation, and there are several ways to get one./citizen of Libya

The most common of them is that you can ask your relatives or friends in Russia to send the visa support for you, or you can book a trip through a travel agency that will be responsible for arranging a Russian visa invitation letter for you. In case of business trips, your Russian receiving company will issue the visa invitation for you.

If you want an even simpler, hassle-free option, you can also contact Your Rus. We are the experts in arranging all the documents required for the visa along with express visa support document.

After that, you will only be required to book a hotel in Russia or arrange your place to stay there and apply for a Russian visa. The Libyan citizen can contact the Russian Consulate in Tunisia as it has been temporarily moved there.

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In Tunisia (Closest Consulate To Libya)-citizen of Libya

The Russian Federation Embassy in Tunis-

Address: 4, Rue des Bergamotes, B.P. 48, El Manar I, Tunis 2092-citizen of Libya

Tel.: (8-10-216-71) 88-24-46