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Moscow – The city of dreams!

Moscow – The city of dreams!

Moscow: Who would not want to conquer her ?! But not everyone succeeds. Many people and peoples come to Moscow. In 2019 alone, 89 nationalities living in Moscow were registered. This is more than 12 ml of people registered, but in total there are more than 17 ml of them. There are so many people here, but here you can be alone with yourself and nature.

The territorial units of Moscow are administrative districts, regions and settlements having names and borders fixed by legal acts of the city. Administrative districts 12, Regions 125, Settlements 21.

Administrative districts of Moscow:

  1.  Central administrative district
    2. Northern Administrative District
    3. Northeast administrative district
    4. Eastern Administrative District
    5. Southeast administrative district
    6. Southern Administrative District
    7. Southwestern administrative district
    8. Western administrative district
    9. North-Western administrative district
    10. Zelenograd administrative district
    11. Novomoskovsk administrative district
    12. Trinity administrative district.

Beautiful places in Moscow

Moscow: It’s not enough even a week to walk around this beautiful city to enjoy plenty of Moscow. Therefore, I will show you the most memorable of them.


Description of photos:

1. Moscow: Entrance to the Moscow Kremlin. It is always open here. At the entrance there is a small church shop where you can buy Orthodox jewelry, icons, etc.


Large shopping center Okhotny Ryad and Moscow seasons
Behind us was a large shopping center Okhotny Ryad and Moscow Seasons. Which adorn the whole of Moscow for the holidays. Here we can watch the beautiful Christmas tree.


GUM Skating rink on Red Square
Moscow: And now we are met by the GUM Skating rink on Red Square. By the way, if you have your own skates, then from 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. you can ride a skating rink completely free of charge. And if not, then you will be provided with skates for hire for 300 r per hour.


Lenin Mausoleum - Moscow
Well, how can you visit Moscow, on Red Square and not visit Lenin. By the way, the entrance to the mausoleum is free now. Open from 10 to 13.00


Red Square - Moscow
You can also admire the beauty of the Red Square from all sides and plunge into the New Year holidays. Moscow in the holidays is very transformed.


Nikolskaya Street - Moscow
Moscow: Further we can glance at Nikolskaya street, lanterns always burn here. In the light of which beautiful photos are obtained. This street is considered the most romantic.


And ride a cart - Moscow
At the fair near the GUM, you can enjoy national cuisine and ride on the carousel. The fair will open from December 13th and will run until January 12th.


Christmas tree - Moscow
It is considered mandatory to go to the GUM! In it, regardless of the holidays, it is always beautiful and crowded.



Further our path will lie along Yauza. Through the streets and huge buildings, which can not but rejoice at the sight of their greatness!


Ulanova Apartment Museum - Moscow
To our right will remain Ulanova Museum-Apartment. Which we can visit every day from 11 to 19. You just look at the scale.


Square on China city
Area on China city. Monument to Cyril and Methodius to the creators of the Old Slavonic alphabet.


Another monument to the heroes of Plevna
Another monument to the heroes of Plevna in 1877. Here is a small chapel, which not everyone can get into.


Stoleshnikov Lane - Moscow
Stoleshnikov Lane. Very picturesque place, these lanterns excite and fascinate at the same time. Be sure to visit here


ENEA - Moscow
ENEA. Here you can discover a lot of new museums. In summer, beautiful fountains beat here, and in winter, an ice rink is poured.


castle with dragons - Moscow
Now every district has its own beautiful castle. So we got a castle with dragons. All thanks to the festival of floral jam.


Moscow City
Moscow City. Towers with a height of heaven. Basically there are business centers, shops and restaurants. And also here you can buy real estate.


And a gallery of fresh fruits and vegetables - Moscow
And a fair with fresh fruits and vegetables produced in Russia is now also in every district. It is so important to eat right in our wrong time


Artplay - Moscow
Artplay is a place of power for creativity. Young people gather here and quite interesting exhibitions are held.


Square in front of the Central Children's Store
The area in front of the Central Children’s Store. Also already all in lights and colors. In the summer there are games for children with animation.


Area inside the DTM
The area inside the DTM. Now every day there is an animated show with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. What can not but rejoice children and adults.


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