How safe is Russia, Myths and Truth

How safe is Russia, Myths and Truth

The biggest nation of the world according to the area “Russia” is situated in the eastern portion of the continent of Europe and the northernmost part of Asia. Many people tend to obtain visa to Russia in order to visit Russia because it covers roughly 1.71 million square kilometers, stakes margin with sixteen sovereign countries of the world, and stretches over eleven zones of time. It has a distinction of the most populated state of Europe whereas if the complete world is deliberated, then its position drops to top ninth country. Moscow is the capital and major city of the Russian Federation with the greatest number of tourists receiving a visa for the sole purpose of visiting it whereas other main cities comprise Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Chelyabinsk.


Tourism in Russia:

Due to vast and rich culture Russian tourism has reached the pinnacles firstly in the field of domestic and then subsequently international tourism. Smooth procedure of obtaining visa to Russia has increased tourism in Russia by manifold. A great deal of travel lies due to ancient civilization’s architecture, famous Trans-Siberian railways, and famous rivers like the Volga. If a person looks at the statistics of the initial years of this decade then around 27 million visitors visited the country in that period rendering it one of the most prominent destinations all around the world exclusively in Europe.
Previous and existing capital cities of Russia which are Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the most stayed cities of Russia by tourists from all over the globe. Popular to the world, Moscow shows a theme of comprehensive structural design, and skyscrapers, while on the other hand, frequently known as Venice of the North, St Petersburg contains mainly of major rivers, waterway, conduits, and display a glimpse of definitive construction.


How safe is Russia
How safe is Russia

Myths About Visit to Russia:

Difficulty in Obtain a Visa to Russia:

Numerous people consider that it is difficult to obtain a Russian visa if one has made up their mind of spending their vacations in the world’s largest country. Some people do not apply for the one if you intend to visit, just apply for the one and if you are eligible, you will get one. All countries of the world have their own rules and regulations for entering or crossing the border so is the situation with Russia. People blindly believe in those myths not getting the required information from suitable authorized sources.

Delay in Russian Visa Verification: 

Some of the people on the internet who applied for a Russian visa and got delayed due to some documentation errors have created panic and myth about this fact that there is always a delay in the processing of visas.


Terrorism exists in every nook and corner of the world and is a major bone of contention to hamper activity of people coming around the world to visit Russia. Inspired by different kinds of ideologies many terrorist organizations and local terrorist groups exist in Russia which malign the soft image of the country by trying to impose their false agenda. Major cities have been the targets of terrorist attacks, and bomb threats.


People who come to visit to Russia have to travel in public transports and meet the local population so, it is another common myth that there are a lot of street crimes in Russia.


Malware, E-mail spams, sophisticated phishing, attacks of social engineering, and phishing is another myth which is considered to be a grave significance across entire Russian visit.

Uneven Tourism Industry:

Another group of travelers who believe in the fact that the Russian tourism industry is not properly regulated. The myth goes regarding non-inspection of luggage at the airport, improper medical assistance provided in smaller cities.

Roads Safety Rules:

Poor conditions and non-adherence to traffic rules is another myth. The myth continues to tell tourists not to step out of bigger cities during dark hours.

Truth About Russia

While we have discussed the myths about obtaining visa to Russia difficulties, tourism safety, crimes above we need to see the facts of Russian policies in visa obtaining and security measures which they readily provide to tourists.

Fast Visa obtaining Process:

One just requires Russian visa application along with supporting documents which include passport, invitation letter, health insurance, and pictures, visit near Russian visa consulate and get your application registered and it will be completed after verification as it happens in case of other countries.
Peaceful Nation. Russia is a peaceful and friendly nation and facilitates their visitors in a hospitable manner.

Low Crime Rates

Crime rates have seen a significant fall in past years. It is always recommended to follow basic guidelines to avoid any unforeseen situation during travel which includes the following: –
– It is always advised to keep an eye on your surroundings.
– Be extra cautious when visiting a crowd filled with a large number of people.
– Never leave your luggage at mercy of others during visit to Russia.
– In case of occurrence of theft always report matter in time.
– A huge amount of money in cash should always be prohibited.

Mandatory Health Insurance:

A minimum amount of 0.1 million RUB is health insurance which is made compulsory for tourists who visit Russia on travel or business visa. In case a person is going to have a legal stay, for that they are required to register for mandatory health insurance for the complete period of their visit to Russia.

Regulated Tourism Industry:

Russia has a regulated tourism industry that looks after the Russian visa policies and care, health, and safety of tourists visiting the country round the year. They look after their health, transport, hoteling, etc.


Being the largest country of the world, Russia is a top tourist destination of the world and people to come to visit Russia not only because of attractive and cultural sites but also due to the smooth streamlined procedure of obtaining Russian visa.

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