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Russian Visa Types

What should I choose from Types of Russian Visa?

To answer question: What should I choose from Types of Russian Visa? you have to Know:

What do you need a visa for?

Russian visa provides a right of entry to the country and staying in the Russian Federation within the period allowed. At the same time, the key characteristics of the given document are its time frame and purpose(s) of the journey. Violation of the allowed length of stay or declared purposes entails prosecution and deportation.

Pay attention! The purposes you are declaring can’t be changed after the visa registration. That’s why you need to identify them as clear as you can during the preparation of documents.

What visa do you need to enter Russia? That depends on purposes of the upcoming visit. The goal of your visit can be:

  • Various kinds of tourism
  • Business trips
  • Participation in educational programs (long-term/short-term)
  • Working in Russia
  • Official/diplomatic visits
  • Participation in cultural, sports and other kinds of events taking place in Russia

Pay attention! You need to indicate purposes of your journey while applying for a visa in the consulate as far as it determines what kind of Russian visa you will get.


Tourist visa

Russian visa

Foreign national can obtain Russian tourist visa on the following directions:

  • Traveling under a contract with tourist services – visa is issued for a period up to one month
  • Traveling by personal car – visa is issued for a period up to 30 days
  • Traveling in order to decide commercial issues or undergo a medical examination – visa is issued for a period up to one month
  • 72-hours tourist program – visa is issued for 3 days
  • Tourism-hunting – visa is issued for 30 days
  • Tour-group – visa is issued for a month.

Business visa

Russian business visa
Russian business visa

Business trips can be regular depending on the nature of a particular business. Among the purposes of business visa, the following are highlighted:

  • Commercial trip in order to sign contract(s)
  • Trips of car drivers, members of the team, technical department
  • Negotiations
  • Medical treatment in Russian clinics
  • Formalizing an adoption
  • Other kinds of business trips

Pay attention! To implement these goals you can obtain either a single-entry visa or multiple document. Yet you can’t stay in Russia for more than 90 days during half a year.


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