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Russian Visa Types

Types Of Russian Visa To Choose From

A visa is official and legal permission to enter or leave Russian territory (either stay or transit through). Russian Visa can be obtained at the Russian embassy in your resident country.

However, you will need a Russian visa invitation to go to Russia.

Russian embassy offers 12 different types of visa depending on the purpose of your visit:

  • Business visa for Russia
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Government Business visa
  • Humanitarian visa
  • Private Visit visa
  • Refugee visa
  • Study visa
  • Temporary Stay visa
  • Tourist visa for Russia
  • Transit visa
  • Work visa
  • Visa for citizenship application

Types of Visa details are given below;

Tourist visa

Russian Tourist visa has one of the easiest obtaining procedure. For this, you will require a tourist voucher and a tourist confirmation by any authorised hotel or travel agency. As a tourist, you must have confirmed accommodations or transit information for every night of your stay in Russia. It is non-extendable, so in order to prolong your stay in Russia, you have to leave the country and obtain a new visa.

Purpose: Tourism, short business visits, short-term courses.

Russian Tourist Visa
Russian Tourist Visa

Business visa

Russian Business visa is for those who come to Russia for business (i.e. to meet business partners, sign a contract, business negotiations and conferences). This visa allows multiple entries, longer stays, and other benefits, so a lot of ordinary travellers who want more flexibility also use this. This visa is a good option for those who are in Russia for more than one month or/and need multiple entries.

A business visa invitation can be obtained on the request from an officially ascribed Russian company to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its regional representatives or an appropriate branch of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

Purpose: Business visits, travel for prolonged times

Russian business visa
Russian business visa

Private visa

Private visa is for those who are visiting their friends or relatives in Russia and plan to stay at their place. This visa has a complicated process and takes several months to obtain, but it can be extended by applying at local Federal Migration Service.

To get a Russian private visa certificate, you need a personal invitation certificate or izveshchenie issued by the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

Purpose: A personal visit, medical treatment, severe illness or death of a close relative.

Study visa

To study in Russia for more than one month, you need a student visa. A letter of Invitation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Regional Office is required which will be issued after getting admission to a Russian educational institution. This visa can be extended depending on the period of study. After three months of the student’s arrival in Russia, it may be converted into a multiple-entry visa.

Purpose: Study in Russia

Transit visa

Transit visa is required when you are travelling via Russia to another destination, and you are going to spend less than 24 hours in Russia without leaving the airport transit area. This visa doesn’t require a visa invitation.

Purpose: Travelling through Russia to another destination.

Work visa

If you want to travel to Russia for the purpose of employment, then you should apply for a work visa. In this case, the employer company must have the right to employ foreigners. After signing your official employment contract, you can start your Russian work visa application process. Visa can be extended depending on the duration of the employment contract. After three months of the employee’s arrival in Russia, it may be converted into a multiple-entry visa.

An invitation letter is also needed which will be granted to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Regional Office on the request of your Russian employer.

Purpose: Work in Russia


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