Getting Russian Visa In Bangladesh

Are you a citizen of Bangladesh and want to get a Russian Visa to visit Russia? Acquiring a Russian visa in Bangladesh becomes a swift process if you have prepared certain needed documents to start your visa process. Before you go to the Russian Federation consulate or embassy, make sure that you have these three things with you:

  • Consulate fees.
  • Complete documents filled with all the required information. (every consulate or embassy determines its own).
  • Visa support (Formal visa invitation is crucial if you are applying for the Russia visa)

How To Get A Russian Visa Invitation? visit Russia?

Bangladeshi citizens can acquire a Russian visa invitation through multiple channels. You can call your relatives living in Russia to issue the visa invitation letter for you, or you can take the assistance of the tourist company planning your entire trip. If it’s a business trip, then what you can do is contact your host company to arrange a visa invitation that can start your visa application process.

If all these ideas are not suitable for you, you can contact Your Rus for a reliable and quick process. We will help you get all the documents needed for a Russian tourist visa, including the visa invitation letter.

Our company specializes in express visa support. We will make sure that you get your Russian visa invitation as quickly as possible. The invitation letter will be delivered to you via email. With all your authentic documents with you, you can visit the Russian consulate in Bangladesh to apply for a visa.



Getting Russian Visa In Bangladesh

Contact Details of Russian consulates in Bangladesh. visit Russia?

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Dhaka. visit Russia?

Address: House No. Ne (J) 9, Road-79, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212 visit Russia?


Tel.: +880-2-988-00-11 visit Russia?

Website: visit Russia?

General Consulate of Russian Federation in Chittagong

Address: House No 1, Road-6, Kulshi, Chittagong



Tel.: +88-171-179-52-50