How To Get Russian Visa In Canada

Have you been planning to visit Russia from your home country Canada? Whether you want to travel for business purposes or want to be a tourist in the Russian Federation, you will need a Russian visa to enter the country.

The foremost document required to complete your visa application process is Russian visa support. The receiving party issues this visa invitation letter, and without it, the Russia Consulate won’t give you a visa to travel to Russia. After getting the visa support document, you must fill the visa application form and pay the consulate fees.

How To Get A Russian Visa Invitation From Canada? visit Russia

You must be wondering how to receive the visa invitation document from Russia?

There are different ways to get this official document without delay. Canadian citizens can get the official visa invitation from their friends and relatives living in Russia. They can send you the Russian invitation letter via email. If you are traveling for business motives, you can request your receiving company to prepare the Russian visa invitation for you. In case you have planned a trip with a travel agency, they will organize all the necessary documents for you. visit Russia

Another reliable way of getting a visa invitation is to contact Your Rus. We have been providing express visa support services to foreigners wishing to explore the Russian Federation. After you receive the Russian visa support, you can apply for the visa at the Russian consulate in Canada.

How To Get Russian Visa In Canada

List of Russian consulates in Canada-visit Russia

visit Russia

The Russian Federation Embassy in Ottawa-visit Russia

Address: 285 Charlotte Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K 1 N 8 L 5, Canada

Tel.: (8-10-1-613) 235-43-41, 236-14-13



General Consulate of Russian Federation in Montréal

Address: 3655, Avenue du Musée, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3G 2E1


Tel.: (8-10-1-514) 843-59-01, 842-53-43  visit Russia