How To Obtain A Russian Visa In Bulgaria?

A visa is a permit document required to travel from Bulgaria to Russia. Irrespective of your travel purpose, you will need a Russian visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Russia visa requirements include filling in your application form, paying the consulate fee, and most importantly, having a visa support document.  Among all these things, visa support is the essential document required for your Russian visa application. It is issued in the form of a visa invitation letter from the receiving side and is sent to the foreigner via email.

Russian Visa Invitation For Bulgarian Citizens-Bulgaria to Russia.

There are different ways of getting Russian Visa support.

If you plan to visit your relatives living in Bulgaria, then calling them to send you the visa invitation is the most reliable option. If you are planning on visiting Russia as a tourist, then your travel agency can get you a visa invitation. If business is your purpose of visit, the inviting company can provide the visa invitation letter.

If all these options work for you, we are always ready to help you at our online portal at Your Rus. We have experience in providing foreigners with all the legal paperwork required to travel to Russia. We will help you get the visa support invitation from Russia, which will kickstart your visa process at the Russian Consulate in Bulgaria. After receiving the visa support document, you can contact the Russian consulate and proceed with your visa application process.

How To Obtain A Russian Visa In Bulgaria?

Contact Details of Russian consulates in Bulgaria

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria

Address: 28, Dragan Tsankov Boulevard, Sofia. P.O. Box 1113

Tel.: (8-10-359-2) 963-44-58, 963-09-14

Fax.: (8-10-359-2) 963-41-03  Bulgaria to Russia.




The Russian Federation Consulate General in Bulgaria-Bulgaria to Russia.


Address: 9000 Macedonia Street, Varna, P.O. Box 53



Tel.: (8-10-359-52) 60-27-18

Fax.: (8-10-359-52) 60-27-22 Bulgaria to Russia.