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An invitation for foreigners is required every time you apply to the Russian Consulate for a visa in Russia. An invitation is always necessary if you apply for a business, tourist, private, guest or working visa. The absence of an invitation always leads to a denial, even if all other documents are ok.

The tourist visa is suitable for a short-term (up to 30 days) trip and it is fast and cheap to apply for. The business visa may have a validity period up to a year (sometimes even up to 3 years), but it is more expensive and it takes more time to get. For more information, please, check Visa Types

Russian Visa is an official document, which lets you stay in Russia for a certain period. The visa specifies the dates of entry and exit, its type and multiplicity, owner passport data and inviting organization information (Visa Sponsor). Please, note that visa is also a permit for both entry and exit. If you stay longer than the permitted period or lose the passport with visa, then you will have extremely difficulties with leaving the country.

In order to enter Russia, most foreign citizens are required to apply for visa. The exception are the citizens of countries, that are permitted for entry without a visa and special types of free-visa entry.

If you have entered incorrect data, please, inform us as soon as possible. The cost of data changing depends on the time, elapsed since order creation and the invitation type, you’ve chosen.

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