Russian Visa for Indian Citizens

When a citizen of India wishes to visit the land of Russia, they will have to get a Russian visa first. Getting a Russia visa consists of certain steps that an Indian citizen will be obliged to fulfill. Before indulging yourself in the Russian visa procedure, you have to arrange visa support first. Russian visa support is a formal visa invitation letter that your Russian host party should issue. Once this visa invitation is in your hand, you can fill the application form, pay the consulate fee and submit all the required documents at the Russian Consulate in India.

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How to Get Russian Visa Invitation In India?

You have few options when it comes to getting a visa invitation from Russia. The easiest of all is if you have any friends or relatives there, ask them to send a visa invitation letter. Or if you are planning a trip through a tour agency, they will be responsible for arranging a Russian visa invitation letter.

If your trip’s purpose is business, then the host company there will be required to issue a visa support document for you. Due to any circumstances, if none of the above options suits you, you can get express Russian visa invitation services from our company, Your Rus.

We are a team of professionals who handle these procedures on a daily basis. With our service, you will be at ease as we will arrange all the documents for you, including the visa support. You will only be left to book a hotel for your stay and visit the consulate to initiate your visa process.

Russian Visa for Indian Citizens

citizen of India

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In India /citizen of India

General Consulate of Russian Federation in Mumbai    citizen of India

Address: 42, Jagmohandas Marg (Nepean Sea Rd), Mumbai      citizen of India

Tel.: +91-22-2-363-3627


Email:  citizen of India

The Russian Federation Embassy in New Deli    

Address: Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Deli, 110021 India

Tel.: +91-81-3030-0551

Website: citizen of India



General Consulate of Russian Federation in Calcutta 

Address: 22A, Raja Santosh Road, Alipore, Calcutta

Tel.: +91-33-2479-70-06




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