How To Get Russian Visa in Finland?

For crossing the Russian border, a visa is compulsory even for its neighboring countries. Therefore, if a Finland citizen wishes to explore the land of Russia, he/she will also have to acquire a Russian visa. There are certain requirements that a person has to fulfill to become eligible for obtaining a Russia visa.

Firstly, you will have to fill the visa application form and also arrange the consulate fee. Other than this, you will also have to present visa support; it is a special type of invitation which is mandatory and is issued by the receiving side. This visa invitation letter is required for both types of trips, business and leisure.

So, how to get a Russian visa invitation?


How To Get A Russian Visa Invitation From Finland?For crossing the Russian border

You can obtain visa Invitation in several ways. The most basic one is that your friends or family in Russia issue visa support in your favor. Secondly, a travel agency can also arrange a visa invitation letter for you if you will book your trip through them. If you have a business trip ahead, you will have to contact your host company to issue a visa invitation for you.

For quick Russian visa support, you can contact YourRus. We specialize in arranging a hassle-free trip to Russia by arranging all the necessary documents you will need to get your visa swiftly.

Once all the documents are ready, apply for the visa at the Russian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

For crossing the Russian border


How To Get Russian Visa in Finland?

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In Finland

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Helsinki  For crossing the Russian border

Address: Tehtaankatu 1 B, 00140, Helsinki, Finland

Tel.:  +358 9 66 18 77,+358 9 66 18 76

Website:  For crossing the Russian border


The Russian Federation Consulate General  in Turku  For crossing the Russian border

Address: Vartiovuorenkatu 2, 20700 Turku, Finland    For crossing the Russian border

Tel.:  +358 10 320 48 58, +358 2 233 64 41