Russian Visa Procedure For The Citizens Of Iceland

Being an Iceland citizen, you will need to get a Russian visa before getting a chance to enter the Russian Federation. Whatever is the reason for your visit, you will have to obtain your visa first. Without having a visa, your entrance would be denied by the Russian authorities.

The Russia visa approval process is straightforward and equally important. Getting a visa requires few steps. The first thing you should do is arrange visa support. Arranging Russian visa support in the beginning is advised because then you will only have to fill the visa application form, pay the consulate fee with all the required documents, and present your visa invitation at the Russian Consulate.

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How To Get Russian Visa Invitation In Iceland? Iceland citizen

Russian visa Invitation is an official visa invitation letter issued by the receiving side in Russia. If you have booked your trip with an agency, they can arrange the visa invitation for you. If you are going there on your own, your relatives or friends in Russia can help you with the visa invitation letter. If it’s a business trip, then the receiving company in Russia will have to provide a visa support document.  Iceland citizen

Do you want an even easier option? You can get an express Russian visa invitation letter with extreme ease by contacting our company, Your Rus. We are the expert in handling all such procedures. Our professional team will provide all the required documents for initiating the Russian visa application process. You will only have to book a hotel for your stay and submit all the already prepared documents at the consulate.

Russian Visa Procedure For The Citizens Of Iceland

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In Iceland Iceland citizen

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Reykjavik


Address: Gardastraeti 33, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland  Iceland citizen

Tel.: (8-10-354)  561-06-59 , 551-51-56



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