How To Get A Russian Visa In Czech Republic?

Wants to visit Russia from the Czech Republic but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. For visiting the Russian Federation, one is required to obtain a Russian visa first. The first step of the process is to obtain a Visa Invitation, czech a special type of invitation issued by the receiving side in Russia.

Once this document has been arranged, fill the application form, pay the consulate fee, and apply for the Russia visa at the Russian consulate in your country.

How To Get A Russian Visa Invitation-Czech Document In Czech Republic?

The citizens of the Czech Republic can obtain their visa letter in several ways. The first way is to contact your friends or relatives in Russia to arrange a visa invitation letter for you. If you are going on a business trip, you can ask your host company to issue the Russian visa for you. Your travel agency can also arrange it for you.

You can get your Russian visa support from our company as well. Your Rus specializes in arranging the necessary documents and the express visa support required to make a trip to the Russian Federation. We can ease your Russian visa application process. Now all you need is to submit the documents to the Russian Consulate of your country to initiate the procedure.

Get a visa invitation letter at YourRus.


How To Get A Russian Visa In Czech Republic?

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In Czech Republic

General Consulate of Russian Federation in Brno-Visa Invitation

Address: 60300, ul.Hlinku, 142b, Brno

Tel.: +420-724-745-930




Embassy of the Russian Federation in Praha-Visa Invitation Invitation czeh

Address: Nam. Pod Kastany 1, 16000 Praha 6 – Bubenec

Tel.: +420-608-915-447 – Invitation czeh



General Consulate of Russian Federation in Karlovy Vary Invitation czeh

Address: 36001, ul. Petra Velikeho 18, Karlovy Vary

Tel.: +420-773-057-211




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