Russian Visa for Citizens of Hungary

When one plans a visit to Russia, they are supposed to obtain a Russian visa first, irrespective of the purpose. Russia visa can easily be attained in Hungary through the Russian Consulate there. You will first have to get your hands on visa support before initiating the visa process. Russian visa support is a special visa invitation letter that the receiving party issues for the applicant. Visa invitation is a prerequisite for all types of trips, whether business or pleasure.


Obtaining a Russian Visa Invitation=obtain

If you book your trip through a travel agency, then your visa invitation letter will be your agency’s responsibility. This will simplify your process and save you from a lot of hectic. Another option can be to ask your friends or relatives in Russia to issue a visa invitation for you. When you go to Russia for business, the hosting company will arrange a visa support document for you.

If you want an even simpler option and want to save yourself from all the tension, then contact YourRus to assist you in this process. We are a team of specialists who manage all the documents required for getting Russian visas and get you an express Russian visa invitation letter. After getting all the documents, you will only need to book a hotel to stay in and submit the documents to the Consulate to get your Russian visa.

obtain Russian visa invitation.

Russian Visa for Citizens of Hungary

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In Hungary-obtain


The Russian Federation Consulate General in Debrecen, Hungary

Address: 4025 Debrecen, Arany János ul., 1

Tel.: (8-10-36-52)  53-69-27, 53-69-26

Fax.: (8-10-36-52) 53-69-28


Email:  obtain


The Russian Federation Embassy  in Budapest, Hungary  obtain

Address: 1062 Budapest, Bajza utca, 35

Tel.: (8-10-36-1) 302-52-30, 332-47-48, 269-01-52

Fax.: (8-10-36-1) 353-41-64  obtain