Obtaining Russian Visa In Italy

You can only fly to Russia from Italy if you have a Russian visa. Before heading to the Russian consulate, you will need to prepare certain documents to start your visa application process. Along with having a completely filled application form and the consulate fee, you will also need Russian visa support.

The visa support (Russian visa invitation) is the most crucial document among all. You are visiting for business purposes, or you want to be a tourist in Russia, having a visa invitation letter is a must when applying for a Russia visa.

Russia from Italy

How To Get A Russian Visa In Italy? Russia from Italy

There are plenty of ways to obtain a Russian visa invitation letter in Italy. Russia from Italy

In case of a business trip, the hosting company can provide you with the visa invitation. If it is a personal trip, your relatives residing in Russia can send you the visa invitation letter via email. The travel agency planning your trip can also arrange all the required documents along with the visa invitation from Russia.

One more way of acquiring the visa support document is to contact us at Your Rus.com. We will arrange all the needed documents and express visa invitation. With all the documents in hand, all you need to do is visit the Russian consulate in Italy and apply for a Russian visa. You can now reserve the best hotel in Russia and start making plans for your visit to Russia.

Obtaining Russian Visa In Italy

Russia from Italy

List Of Russian Consulates In Italy  

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Roma

Via Gaeta, 5, 00185 Roma

Tel.:  +39-366-560-46-14

Website: http://roma.mid.ru/

Email: rusembassy@libero.it


Russia from Italy

General Consulate of Russian Federation in Genova  Russia from Italy

Address: Via Ghirardelli Pescetto, 16, 16167 Genova Nervi

Tel.: +39-340-757-65-18

Website: http://www.rugenova.com/

Email: consolatoru@tin.it


General Consulate of Russian Federation in Milano Russia from Italy

Address: Via Sant’Aquilino, 3, 20148, Milano

Tel.: +39-335-549-79-74

Website: http://www.rumilan.com/

Email: mail@rumilan.com