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Coronavirus Covid 19 crosses Russia safely

Coronavirus Covid 19 crosses Russia safely and the spread is minimal Coronavirus (Covid 19) crossed Russia peacefully, as this pandemic and epidemic did not spread to the Russian territories as most of Europe and the world, all thanks to Russian government measures and awareness of the Russian people, the spread of the virus was minimal and on a small scale, and the number of low infections and specific places was recorded, Which makes us say that within a few weeks, the injuries will disappear from Russia, the wheel of life will return to normal on Russian soil, and the airports

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Visa to Russia for foreigners

Visa to Russia for a foreigner Many people of foreign countries think about a trip to the Russian Federation, but not so simple. If you are a citizen of another country, you will need a visa to enter Russia. Only citizens with whom Russia has signed a bilateral agreement can cross the border without this special permission to enter. To do this, they need to draw up a number of specific documents, which means they need to get a visa. A visa to Russia for a foreigner is issued depending on the main purpose of the trip of this citizen.

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Electronic visas in Russia

Development of an electronic visa issuance mechanism in Russia The tourism industry in Russia is waiting for the digital revolution. In the coming years, changes are planned in the procedure for tourists entrance aimed at increasing the loyalty of the visa system. The first step towards is the introduction of electronic visas.   Why an electronic visa to Russia is better than the usual one The benefits of e-visas for tourists are obvious. There is no need to personally attend the consulate and lose time submitting documents. It is enough to fill out an application on the Ministry of Foreign

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Good morning, Russia!

Good morning, Russia! If you are waiting for a flight to Russia soon, you are very lucky. Because it is a unique opportunity to experience all the features of this country and the magic it contains. This is apart from enjoying delicious food, as well as learning a lot about the history and traditions of this country. Know that you will take on a whole new adventure and adventure. On the other hand, the country of Russia has a beautiful and unique nature in the winter. You will see beautiful terrain with an unusually bright view, and this brightness can

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