Getting Russian Visa In France

Wants to enter the Russian Federation? The process is simple and easy; you will need a Russian visa for the approval of your trip. Visa is necessary for all types of trips, business and vacation. To initiate your Russian visa process, the first document you will need to arrange is visa support.

Russian visa support is a special type of invitation that will be issued by your host party in Russia. You must include the visa invitation letter in the set of documents before applying for the visa at the Russian Consulate in France, along with the consulate fee and completed application form.


How To Russian Visa Invitation In France? Russian Federation?

Not sure how to arrange this important document? Here’s a quick guide.

Ask your friends or family in Russia who will host you there to arrange the visa invitation for you. You can also ask your tour agent to arrange the visa invitation letter and other documents required for the visa’s approval. If your trip’s purpose is business and not leisure, you will have to ask your host company to prepare a visa invitation for you.

What if all of the options stated above do not suit you? In that case, you can contact Your Rus and enjoy our service of express visa support. We are the professionals in dealing with Russian trips and will facilitate your visa process by arranging everything for you.

Now that you have all the documents, you have to apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate in France



Getting Russian Visa In France

Contact Details Of Russian Consulates In France 


General Consulate of Russian Federation in Strasbourg   

Address: 6, place Sébastien Brant, 67000 Strasbourg

Tel.: +33-3-8836-73-15    Russian Federation?


Email:    Russian Federation?


Embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris

Address: 40-50, boulevard Lannes, 75116 Paris


Tel.: +33-1- 4504-61-23




General Consulate of Russian Federation in Marseille

Address: 3, avenue Ambroise-Paré, 13008 Marseille

Tel.: +33-4-9176-26-79



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