Applying For A Russian Visa From Afghanistan


Russia is a great place to visit. You want to see the country or want to go on a business trip to Russia, you will definitely necessitate a Russian visa invitation letter to enter the country.
Afghan citizens will need to prepare certain essential things to begin the visa process, which are:
1. They need to fill the application form.
2. Arrange consulate fees.
3. Get a visa support document (visa invitation letter).

Once you have all this stuff with you, the visa process will become quite smooth.

What Is A Russian visa invitation letter Support?

Visa support is an official document that implies that the receiver is given an invitation to visit the country for a specific purpose. It is a compulsory requirement while applying for Russia, and this is Russian  visa voucher needed for both tourist and business visas.

Russian Support for Afghani Citizens

Being an Afghan citizen, you have multiple options to get a   visa invitation.


  • For someone traveling to Russia to explore the vast country, the simplest way is to take assistance from their respective traveling agency and get the document without delay.
  • In case you are going on a business trip, the inviting company will need to issue a Russian visa invitation.
  • If you have friends or family in the country, you can get visa support from them.

The next best option is to contact Your Rus for a reliable and quick process. You will get all the documents required for a  tourist visa, including the visa invitation letter.

Once you get the invitation letter, all that is left to do is to contact the Russian Consulate in Afghanistan to acquire your visa.

Russian visa invitation letter

Contact Details of Russian Consulates in Afghanistan

The  Russian visa invitation letter Federation Embassy in Afghanistan

Region 7, Aub Khan Mena, Dar-ul-Aman street, Kabul

Tel.: (8-10-93-20) 250-00-44

The Russian visa invitation letter Federation General Consulate in Mazari-Sharif

building 37, Mavlana Jalaluddina Balhi street, Mazari-Sharif




Tel.: 8-10-93-799-10-89-58, 8-10-998-76-225-51-47

Fax.: 8-10-998-76-225-51-47

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