How to Acquire a Russian Visa in Austria?

Need a Russian visa in Austria but not sure what to do? The procedure is simple.  Russia Visa can be obtained from the Consulates of the Russian Federation located in the country.

You need to first prepare your complete documentation, including your Russian visa invitation letter, I.e., Visa Support. Once you have received that visa invitation, now you are ready to fill the application form. There is a consulate fee that will need to be paid, and then apply for the business or tourist visa (whatever you require) at the Russian Embassy present in your country.

Russian Visa Invitation

A visa invitation letter is a formal document that is mandatory to get a Russian visa. There are three ways in which you can obtain your invitation letter.

  1. Ask your relatives and friends in Russia.
  2. Contact a travel agency or a hotel in Russia.
  3. If you want to visit Russia on a business matter, you will need the support documents from the company which is arranging your trip to the Russian Federation.

All are great options to get your invitation letter from Russia. You can also contact Your Rus to get our reliable services that provide express visa support. We also provide a complete package of support documents for tourist visas. A tourist visa to Russia from Austria is issued for about 30 days. Russian visa

When you have obtained the visa support, contact the Russian Consulate in Austria to get your visa. After completing all the documentation, book your hotel and enjoy your trip!

Get a visa invitation letter at Your Rus, and enjoy your trip.

How to Acquire a Russian Visa in Austria?

Contact Details of Russian Consulates in Austria

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Wien

Reisner strasse 45-47, 1030 Wien

Email: Russianvisa


Tel.: + 43-664-886-35-017

General Consulate of Russian Federation in Salzburg

Burgelsteinstrasse 2, 5020 Salzburg



Tel.: + 43-676-842-084-400


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