How to Get a Russian Business Visa?

How to Get a Russian Business Visa?

A Russian business visa is applicable for travelers wanting to visit the country for private or official businesses. These are the best available options for visitors, not knowing the exact itinerary and need to be in the country for more than a month.

Business visas for Russian Federation are issued up to double entries for up to 90 days. The multi-Russian Business visa is for multiple entries and valid for 6 to 12 months with no limit on the total exits or entries. These visas can be extended by contacting the relevant organization that produced the Russian visa invitation letter.

You will need to apply for the following documents to apply for a Russian Business Visa:

  • Original passport with validity up to 6 months
  • Application form
  • One photograph passport size
  • Employer letter
  • Invitation letter for the stay from the Ministry of Interior in Russia. Get Russian business visa invitation.
  • Applicable fees

Note: You need to apply for the Ministry’s invitation at least 45 days before the visa start date.


Russian Business Visa
Russian Business Visa

Get The Russian Visa Invitation

The purpose is tourism or business; every traveler requires an invitation to apply for a Russian visa.  You can acquire the Russian invitation letter using any online service; however, it has to be authorized and licensed by the Russian government.

Get Russian Visa Invitation Letter here.


Russian Visa Cost
Russian Visa Cost

Russian Visa Cost

Cost of Russian visa rounds to 65 USD. You will acquire a visa to Russia after ten days of applying.


Tips for Saving Cost for Applying for Visa


  • Issuing an invitation yourself:Making an invitation yourself is a cost-effective way to get an invitation within 5 minutes by spending only 15 USD. You need to fill the application form without filling the specified place for stay as you can select it later.


  • Apply for Health Insurance:Self-register for health insurance – it costs approximately 17 USD for a ten-day stay. You will have to print, sign, and submit it with other documents.


  • Make sure you have a valid passport:Get a Russian invitation letter, travel insurance form, and Russian visa application form from the internet for roughly 16 USD. Travel insurance roughly costs around 1 USD per day.

After you have obtained all your documents, you will need to fill in the online Russian visa application form and note all your personal details. You will need to print the form, sign it, and paste a passport size photograph with a white background.

Make the payment to the bank branch receipt issued by the consulate. You will be informed regarding the successful processing of your visa through courier service or email.

What To Do Next?

After you have prepared all your documents for submission, you will need to get a payment confirmation document attached, provided you are paying by bank transfer. Get all your documents ready and bring them to the Russian visa application Centre. You will get the visa ready in 10 days after the submission of the documents.

So, now you know how to obtain a Russian Visa cost-effectively.


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