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Ryazan the New Year’s capital of Russia 2020!

Ryazan the New Year’s capital of Russia 2020! Ryazan: New Year … What feelings does this holiday evoke in you? In my head immediately snowstorms, gifts and gatherings with loved ones. Isn’t it wonderful? This holiday is eagerly awaited all year by both children and adults. It is on this night that miracles happen, wishes come true. Peace of mind is filled with peace of mind, peace and, at the same time, delight. The spirit of the festive atmosphere is in the house. It is precisely this situation that surrounds our Ryazan this year, because it is the New Year’s

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Good morning, Russia!

Good morning, Russia! If you are waiting for a flight to Russia soon, you are very lucky. Because it is a unique opportunity to experience all the features of this country and the magic it contains. This is apart from enjoying delicious food, as well as learning a lot about the history and traditions of this country. Know that you will take on a whole new adventure and adventure. On the other hand, the country of Russia has a beautiful and unique nature in the winter. You will see beautiful terrain with an unusually bright view, and this brightness can

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Sochi 2020

Sochi – the Olympic capital Undoubtedly, the city of Sochi is now familiar to almost all the inhabitants of our planet. The 2014 Olympics, which took place in this wonderful city, did not leave anyone indifferent. This is truly a unique place, with its culture, mild, warm climate and magnificent views of nature. Local color, national cuisine, landscapes and, of course, the sea … Only a small list of reasons to return here again and again. After the Olympics that took place here, the city has undoubtedly changed. There are new transport interchanges, new buildings and places for recreation. Now

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Kazan Kazan is a very beautiful city, especially in summer. Our city is officially recognized as the third capital of Russia, the sports capital. Since in our city there are a large number of international class competitions. For example: Summer Universiade 2013, World Aquatics Championship 2015, Confederation Cup 2017, World Cup, etc. Kazan in the European part of Russia Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and one of the largest cities in Russia, takes eighth place in the list of largest cities of the Russian Federation. The City is located at the confluence of the Volga and

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