Coronavirus Covid 19 crosses Russia safely

Coronavirus Covid 19 crosses Russia safely and the spread is minimal

Coronavirus (Covid 19) crossed Russia peacefully, as this pandemic and epidemic did not spread to the Russian territories as most of Europe and the world, all thanks to Russian government measures and awareness of the Russian people, the spread of the virus was minimal and on a small scale, and the number of low infections and specific places was recorded, Which makes us say that within a few weeks, the injuries will disappear from Russia, the wheel of life will return to normal on Russian soil, and the airports will return to receiving travelers and tourists.

The Russian government’s measures to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus:

From the beginning of the infection of the Corona virus (Covid 19) to some cases in Russia, the Russian government took strict measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, where the quarantine measures were started for the infected Foren and their isolation, then the entire Russian federal border with the neighborhood was closed, and then flights were stopped to and from Russia.

The quarantine measures were then taken to the citizens, especially in the Moscow region, as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, with work being suspended completely as a paid holiday for employees and workers.

The Russian government also adopted the health procedures followed, from sterilization of all facilities and roads, in the interest of the safety of citizens and Russian lands.


Statistics of Covid 19 in Russia until 4/4/2020 evening:

Number of confirmed infections: 4731

Number of people recovered: 333

Number of deaths: 43

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Russia has sent aid to Italy and America:

Where the Russian Ministry of Defense sent a squadron of aircraft to Russia, with a full laboratory and sterilization equipment, specialists and detectors and many others to help the Italian government in the fight against the Corona virus.

Russia has also announced that it has sent medical equipment to the United States of America to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.


Traveling to Russia:

If you are planning to travel to Russia, or previously planned, be prepared during the coming period to obtain an invitation to the Russian visa and plan your trip from now, as Russia was and still is one of the world’s security countries and the risks in it are negligible. It will go away within a few weeks and the planes will return to work. Remember that you have a wonderful summer to spend in beautiful Russia. and with Your Rus the official website for issuing visa invitations to Russia, you will get a Russian invitation letter upon the announcement of the resumption of travel to and from Russia, and you will receive the visa with us very quickly if you want tourism or business.

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