How to obtain Russian Visa Hassle-free?

“How to obtain Russian Visa Hassle-free?”

Russian Visa:

For most of us, the first thing that comes to our mind while reading about Russia and visa to Russia is the influx of terror, harsh rules, and regulations coupled with strict policies. Henceforth, no one tries to find the actual truth because of our perception that has been built inside our minds due to media propaganda and false information propagation. But the truth is far beyond these myths. It is really an easy job to get Russian visa hassle-free and see the country for its actual beauty and landscape.  

Visa Types for Russia:

There are two types of common conventional visas that are present as of now. Business or Tourist; Business visa allows multiple entries and ranges up to a period of 1-12 months while Tourist visa allows only one or two visa entries for a duration of 1-2 months. For both, you need invitations from someone residing or managing a business inside Russia. Other visas types include Student, Transit, Work, Humanitarian, Diplomatic, or for some special event.

To promote Tourism and increase the influx of visitors all around the world, Russia has eased visa restrictions and policies. As of 1st October 2019, Russia has introduced the e-visa system for 53 countries (except the UK and USA) which can be obtained in just 4 working days. They mean to implement and replace the old visa system completely by the end of 2020. The visa grants you access through St Petersburg and Leningrad.

Russian visa
Russian visa

How to get Visa to Russia?

To obtain e-visa, you can apply online or go to the nearest Russian embassy. The process takes hardly 30 minutes. For the online invitation, the only documents you will be required are the following: –

  1. Support documents “Russian Invitation Letter”
  2. A passport validity for a period of minimum of 6 months
  3. A passport size photograph
  4. Application form.
  5. Proof of medical insurance and business account
  6. Consular / Registration Fee for visa


It is always better to go through the official Russian online visa application site for the latest changes in Rules and Regulations. But to get hassle-free visa to Russia. It is better to take help from Your Rus when applying for a visa as they do all the formal documentation and processing from your side, provides peace of mind, and is usually Hassle-free as well. They provide a guarantee of success in visa approval and gives you the invitation as well. The customer support service is top-notch and hardly any problem arises.

Just make sure that whenever you are applying for a visa, always use reputable companies like “Your Rus” who have experience in the field and can provide you with some sort of guarantee. Never settle for online scams and if you cannot find any verified source, it is always preferred option to go to Embassy yourself and get yourself a visa without incurring third party processing fees.

Benefits of “Your Rus”:

For Russian Visa, Your Rus is the best source to get all the documentation done in the quickest time possible. We provide Invitation letter in no time for you to get visa to Russia. Your Rus provides business and tourism invitation letter depending upon the type of visit. We are expert in providing single or double-entry on the type of visit you want. The customer feedback is outstanding and our support is round the clock.

Important FAQs:

There are some points and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that must be considered while applying for a visa online for Russia. They are stated as: –


– As soon as you enter Russia, it is essential to register your visa. Unregistered visas can provide many difficulties for your stay and while exiting the country too.


– The limit to the amount of money you can have in hand while getting inside Russia is $10,000 and the limit to export money from there is $3000.


– If you lose your visa while inside Russia for any reason, you have to inform the local police as soon as possible. Get to the embassy and apply for a replacement visa.


– A tourist visa can be extended only if you miss your flight or due to any accident/serious illness you face.


– Any children can have an entry without a visa on their parent’s visa if their children credentials are endorsed in the passports, they are accompanying them and are of less than 18 years of age.


– You cannot have more than one active visa while your stay in Russia. The old one will always be canceled whenever you are applying for a new one.


– It is essential to have your biometric verification done for all the visa processing so make sure you get it done from the embassy as well.


– It is necessary to provide details of your debit/credit cards or PayPal account if you have to spend time in Russia as proof that you can sustain yourself for the duration of your stay.


– Although not necessary, it is always preferred to get yourself medical insured and have some sort of travel insurance as well as a precautionary measure if you fall for any calamity or accident.

Visa Completion Status:

After the processing of these documents, the Russian consulate takes care of the rest and provides support in any of the formalities that are not met. In conclusion, the policies are lenient and hassle-free. With a total price of application only around $200dollars for the normal visa with processing dates of 10 days or 3 days(urgent), it seems Russia is promoting tourism in the country. So, one should be clear from the myths that circulate online. So, let’s visit Russia and make some memories!


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