Explore Vladivostok the capital of The Russian Far East

Explore Vladivostok: the capital of the Russian Far East!

Location and importance:

Vladivostok is a coastal city in eastern Russia, it is located around the Golden Horn Bay on the Sea of ​​Japan. On the other hand, it is the administrative capital of the Russian Primorsky Krai.

In addition to the special geographic location, Vladivostok is also a city of new opportunities, opening horizons and transnational connections.

Vladivostok Local climate:

Actually, knowing enough information about the local climate of this city is really important for you, especially in case you were a first time visitor. However, in addition to the beautiful landscapes and the privileged location, Vladivostok also has a special climate, as it has a long winter before the arrival of spring, when the temperature rises up until the summer comes, the average daytime temperature during August reaches 26 degrees Celsius, for instance.

In any case, make sure you to pack all the necessary stuff to suit your needs on your trip!

Places to visit in Vladivostok:

And now, here are a list of special places to visit meanwhile you’re in this wonderful city:

Vladivostok Castle :

This fortress is a unique defensive military construction, as it is the only castle that still exists today out of all the castles that were built in Russia in the 19th century.

This castle is a very important historical point. for that, it is registered in the UNESCO records of unique monuments. An artillery battery that faces Amur Bay and long protect the old town once a day, is now the cool Vladivostok fortress museum! However, if you are interested in history, then make sure to put this place on your list!

Vladivostok Bridges :

Meanwhile you are on your trip to Vladivostok, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy watching the two famous bridges. Both bridges Golden and Russky, are one of the most famous land marks of this city. Russky bridge connects the city with the neighboring island of Russky, and The Golden Bridge, that was built over the Golden Horn Bay to make movement through the city much easier.

Vladivostok bridges

Popov Island:

While you are visiting Vladivostok, you may want to explore Popov Island in the Sea of ​​Japan! It is located in Peter the Great Gulf.

Beautiful scenery makes for a great get away from the congested city. On the other hand, the boat ride itself is a nice trip. You can go for a short visit, or even rent a house for a few days.

Egersheld lighthouse:

It is a relatively small lighthouse, but is supposed to mark the end of land and the beginning of the sea. It gets pretty crowded in good weather.

Visit early in the morning to get a great photo!

Egersheld lighthouse

Botanical Garden :

The Botanical Garden in Vladivostok, is a nice garden where you can enjoy watching various types of wonderful flowers, and  dive into its charm and beauty. Therefore, If you are in Vladivostok, do not hesitate to pass by and take many souvenir photos among the flowers that add charm and  joy.

Faith and Hope Square in Vladivostok:

This square is suitable for hiking and recreation. The park has a nice and wonderful location overlooking the sea, with multiple machines for exercise, and suitable for all ages. In addition, the park has a picturesque landscape of red flowers and fallen leaves in autumn, that decorate its corridors and paths, it also has entertainment facilities for children, such as swings, slides and balance games. Therefore, it is a great place for a family outing!

In conclusion, the beautiful monuments and important tourist attractions, make this city one of the best tourist destinations in the Russian Far East.

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