The Trans-Siberian railway: from Moscow to Vladivostok!

The Trans-Siberian railway: from Moscow to Vladivostok!

In this paragraph, we will learn about the Trans-Siberian railway, its importance and history!  join us in this journey, and see the photos!

Rail transport or train transport is one of the most important means of transport around the world. It’s a main way to transferring, whether for passengers or goods. Despite the invention of the aircraft, and the strong entry of aviation transport in all fields, rail transport is still of great importance.

A historical perspective:

It started very old, dating back to the era of the Babylonians, the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks. when man invented the wheels, He then thought of moving vehicles equipped with wheels on tracks or land lines. that made the process of transporting goods, huge stones, and so on much easier, by pushing the vehicles loaded with them on those land lines.

Attempts continued in the sixteenth century, then the railway appeared in the form we know now in 1825 in Britain. it was used to transport coal then goods, until 1830, the year when the train was used to transport passengers for the first time.

And now, let’s talk about The Trans-Siberian railway: one of the most important railway lines all around the world!

The Trans–Siberian Railway:

The Trans–Siberian Railway is a network of railways called in short: TSR, and known in Russian as (Транссибирская магистраль) connecting Western Russia to the Russian Far East.

It is one of the longest railway lines in the world, with a length of over 9,289 kilometers, starting from the capital Moscow, and ending at Vladivostok, on the Pacific Ocean.

Trans–Siberian Railway Train trip in winter
Trans–Siberian Railway Train trip in winter

When was the Trans-Siberian Railway built?

Both Emperor of Russia Alexander III, and his son Tsarevich Nicholas, appointed government ministers, who supervised the building of the The Trans–Siberian Railway since 1891 to 1916.

Why is the Trans-Siberian Railway so important?

Russia is the largest country in the world, so Because of Russia’s great size, railway transport has gained great importance, as the Trans-Siberian Railway connected Russian cities along its line, passing through the vast Siberian prairies, and facilitating the movement of people and goods among them. The Moscow-Vladivostok route is 9,289 kilometers long, and takes eight days to complete the journey.

The Trans-Siberian Railway connects hundreds of large and small cities, in both of European, and Asian parts of Russia. and it has three main routs:

The main 3 routs of the Trans-Siberian railway:

1-The main route of the TSR:

It begins in The capital Moscow at Yaroslavsky Vokzal, runs through Yaroslavl or Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita, and Khabarovsk to Vladivostok via southern Siberia.

2- The second primary route:

Or the Trans-Manchurian Railway.

3- The third primary route:

Or the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

And here are some pictures of TSR stations:

Novosibirsk trans-Siberian railway station
Novosibirsk trans-Siberian railway station
Railway station in Siberia
Railway station in Siberia
Irkutsk trans-Siberian railway station
Irkutsk trans-Siberian railway station

The Trans-Siberian railway then and now:

In the past, rivers were used to transport goods in Siberia, But the rivers freeze in winter, and that caused a serious problem in the commercial movement. After the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, this problem was solved, which had a positive effect on transportation, and, in deed, on the commercial field as well.

Since 1916, TSR has directly connected Moscow in the west, with Vladivostok in the far east. Expansion of the railway system continues as of 2021, with connecting rails going into Asia, namely Mongolia, China and North Korea. There are also plans to connect Tokyo, the capital of Japan, to the railway.

In conclusion:

Traveling along the Trans-Siberian Railway can be a very special experience, so when you are in Russia, give it a try! And talk about your adventure!

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