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Kazan is a very beautiful city, especially in summer. Our city is officially recognized as the third capital of Russia, the sports capital. Since in our city there are a large number of international class competitions. For example: Summer Universiade 2013, World Aquatics Championship 2015, Confederation Cup 2017, World Cup, etc.

Kazan in the European part of Russia

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and one of the largest cities in Russia, takes eighth place in the list of largest cities of the Russian Federation. The City is located at the confluence of the Volga and Kazan River in the European part of Russia. The Kremlin in the city is a World Heritage Site.


Description of photos:

Kul Sharif Mosque - Kazan
Kul Sharif Mosque. It was built in 2011, now it is one of the symbols of the city.


Kazan Kremlin - Kazan
Kazan Kremlin. The historical complex of buildings telling the history of the city.


Cultural and entertainment complex Pyramid
Cultural and entertainment complex Pyramid. It hosts concerts, celebrations and various shows. There is a restaurant on the top floor, and on the lower floor, in addition to the concert hall, there is a club.


Bauman Street - Kazan
Bauman street. Pedestrian street, as locals call it – Arbat.



Kazan State Philharmonic
Kazan State Philharmonic. Here are concerts of symphony and jazz orchestras.


Old Tatar settlement - Kazan

Old Tatar settlement.
Old Tatar settlement.


Puppet Theater Ekiyat - Kazan
Kazan: Puppet Theater “Ekiyat”. The name of the theater in translation from Tatar means – a fairy tale. Little guests, getting inside, can really feel inside a fairy tale.


Kazan Circus - Kazan
Kazan Circus


St. Petersburg Street - Kazan
St. Petersburg Street. Another pedestrian street in the very center of the city


AkBars Bank building on Pushkin street
AkBars Bank building on Pushkin street.


The building is decorated by the centenary of TASSR
The building is decorated by the centenary of TASSR.


Shopping and entertainment center Ring
Shopping and entertainment center “Ring”. It is located in the very center of Kazan, somewhat similar to the Moscow “Okhotny Ryad”. You can also get to the Ring from the street and from the metro.


Cloth settlement - Kazan
Entrance to the Sukonnaya Sloboda metro station


Kazan Palace - Казань
The lobby of the newly opened Kazan Hotel Tasigo in Kazan. This hotel stops the stars of show business, politics and sports, hosts various press conferences and indoor banquets.


Shopping and entertainment complex Tandem
Shopping and entertainment complex Tandem


A.A. Aydamirova (former May Day)
A.A. Aydamirova (former May Day)


Esambaev Square - Kazan
Esambaev Square


The heart of Chechnya - Kazan
The heart of Chechnya


Kadyrova - Kazan


Волга - Казань
Kazan: Volga


Grozny Mosque
Grozny Mosque


Mosque Park
Mosque Park


Grozneftegaz Park - Kazan
Grozneftegaz Park


Journalists Park - Kazan
Journalists Park


Putin Avenue - Kazan Russia
Putin Avenue


Journalists Square - Kazan
Journalists Square


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