Novosibirsk the capital of Siberian

Novosibirsk the capital of Siberian

Novosibirsk is one of the developing cities of Russia. The population of this city exceeds 1.5 million people and occupies the third place in terms of population in Russia. The largest trade, business, cultural, transport, educational and scientific center of Siberia. The city divides Novosibirsk into two banks: the left and right Ob River. There are 3 bridges that connect this wonderful city: Bugrinsky, Oktyabrsky, Dmitrovsky.

The center Novosibirsk

The center of Novosibirsk is Lenin Square, on which the opera house and square are located, as well as the monument to the Red Army and the Worker and Collective Farm Girl to Lenin.

Recently, a New Ferris wheel appeared in Novosibirsk, which not only adorns the embankment on the Ob, but also delights the eyes of Novosibirsk, a ride on the Ferris wheel costs 300 rubles, not a lot, not a little, but at the same time it’s all in the Lenin’s mausoleum, because that the wheel received the title of wheel “Number One” in size outside the Ural Mountains. The size of this giant is about 70 meters, and the cost of its construction is about 200 million rubles.

Transportation in Novosibirsk

Also in Novosibirsk there is a metro consisting of two branches: red and green; the metro itself is not big, I would not say that this is not enough for such a city, but if it did not exist it would be much worse. If we talk about transport, there is plenty of it here, a large number of minibuses, trams, buses and trolleybuses go around the city, but the transport is not equipped with validators, so you will need to prepare a trifle.

The life of the locals

The life of the inhabitants of the city of Novosibirsk is measured and eventful, not a day goes by among active residents of the city. For citizens, there are races, marathons, exhibitions, concerts and holiday performances with local and visiting artists. Speaking of artists and celebrities, there are still quite a lot of them, but many gaining popularity leave their former place of residence and travel closer to the center of Russia to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Siberian climate

Apparently everyone is frightened by climatic conditions. It is cold in Siberia for more than half a year, and the temperature usually drops below -32 degrees. The river separating Novosibirsk, and to be more precise, Ob in winter always freezes and freezes in winter so much that city services have to carry out blasting operations that interfere with the city residents located near the river.


Description of photos:

1. Novosibirsk: View of the embankment, a new observation wheel gets into the frame, which managed to shock the residents of the city and Siberia as a whole.

Statue of a Girl - Novosibirsk

2. The statue of a girl, this piece of art is located on the side of the Marriot hotel, it attracts with its elegance and helps some tourists with choosing a hotel, again, not everyone can afford the price of living there.


Opera House - Novosibirsk

3. Novosibirsk: Side view of the opera house in the summer, one of the best theaters in Russia is in the top 3.


Mikhailovskaya Embankment - Novosibirsk

4. Mikhailovskaya embankment in the summer of 2019. View of the left bank of the city of Novosibirsk.



5. Novosibirsk: Night view of the wheel from a long distance. The kind of neon that is constantly changing and has a different look, which gives the surroundings, which I have not seen in other cities of Russia


Bugrinsky bridge

6. Bugrinsky bridge in the winter of 2019.


Gallery Novosibirsk

7. SC “Gallery Novosibirsk” view inside the trading area.


Gallery Gallery Shopping Center
8. Novosibirsk: View from the outside of the Gallery Gallery shopping center. You should go there to get good shopping to do everything in comfort.


9. View from my window. In Novosibirsk, owners of apartments in high-rise buildings are very lucky, the view from them opens up gorgeous.


Little squirrel in the park Birch Grove
10. Little squirrel in the park “Birch Grove”. Animals in our city are very tame, everyone who has seeds of seeds can easily lure small animals to themselves and feed them from the palm of their hand.


Siberian Mall
11. Shopping center Siberian Mall, has an interesting location, and two entrances. If you enter from the main entrance there will be an interesting feeling that the center is underground, but if you use a different entrance, you will not feel such an illusion.


View of the river from Dmitrievsky
13. Novosibirsk: View of the river from the Dmitrievsky bridge in the summer. Residents in this place are usually many.


14. The “Aura” of the shopping center is large and has a huge underground parking, its own go-kart on the roof of the building, it is worth a visit, the best entertainment for speed lovers.


View inside the shopping center Aura - Novosibirsk
15. View inside the shopping center “Aura”. Shopping here will be the most exciting, all the stores are zoned, the zones are distributed ideally for shopaholics.


City tree - Novosibirsk
16. Novosibirsk: A city tree located near the central park.


The same tree in the evening - Novosibirsk
17. The same tree in the evening. It’s worth living to watch, but this tree is not better than what you can offer for visitors


Christmas tree near Royal Park - Novosibirsk
18. A Christmas tree near the Royal Park, which is really mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye.


Decembrists - Novosibirsk
19. Novosibirsk: The house was created according to the new standards of urban planning, but still has the name of the street “Decembrists”

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